Gil Rose

"Conductor Gil Rose…intrepid Bostonian explorer of recent American works and much else” - The New York Times



 “Rose led BMOP in a forceful, sometimes breathless, reading of the piece, one in which the music’s dark undercurrents glowed ominously.” 

— Jonathan Blumhofer, The Arts Fuse, February, 2018


 “Conductor Gil Rose, with his clarity of focus, guided the deliberate and frenetic energy of the final movement.” 

 — David Stevens, The Boston Musical Intelligencer, February, 2017


 “Gil Rose conducted with his customary alertness and precision.”

— Mark DeVoto, The Boston Musical Intelligencer, October, 2016


 “Gil Rose demonstrated on Friday evening at the New England Conservatory’s Jordan Hall, when he led the Boston Modern Orchestra Project and the soprano Courtenay Budd in a stunning performance of “Child Alice,” the most ambitious work in the series.” 

— Allan Kozinn, The Wall Street Journal, March, 2016


“On that last count Del Tredici is fortunate, as are we listeners, to have an advocate so resourceful, skillful, and determined as Rose. 

— Steve Smith, The Boston Musical Intelligencer, March, 2016


 “As one has come to expect, BMOP music director and conductor Gil Rose led his forces with verve and style, cutting an easy path for the listener through a thick orchestral text. His orchestra played as if they were one of the Big Five”

— David Bonetti, Berkshire Fine Arts, April 2016


“Gil Rose and the orchestra delivered a reading that bristled with energy, wry humor, and an unsettled emotional urgency”

—Jonathan Blumhofer, The Arts Fuse, November, 2015


“Rose and the orchestra were attuned to his rhetoric, turning the sheer atmospheric presence of slow-moving and even static landscapes to dramatic ends”

—Matthew Guerrieri, The Boston Globe, September 20, 2015


"Rose’s unmannered conducting of the two dance scores kept the kinetic spirit moving whether it was in sustained contemplation or ferocious energy… Rose keeps the tension up, controlling the vivid opposition of wildly whirling circles of woodwind figures or dissonant rhythmic chords… Gil Rose’s conducting is clear and unfussy, pulling the busy elements together precisely, for all the rhythmic energy and complexity."

— Steven Ledbetter, The Boston Musical Intelligencer, July 21, 2015


"Gil Rose led with authority from first note to last."

— John Ehrlich, American Record Guide, March 2015


"It’s not too much to say that classical music in the region wouldn’t be nearly as rich, meaningful, or fun as it is without Rose’s tireless advocacy for, especially, the fringes of the repertoire."

— Arts Fuse, December 24, 2014


"Sunday’s performance sparkled under Gil Rose’s baton."

— Jeremy Eichler, The Boston Globe, December 9, 2014


"The programming, devised by the festival’s artistic director, Gil Rose, is typically as varied and engaging as, well, we’ve come to expect from Rose’s programming for his other ensembles. It all adds up to something far from predictable, even when the music is familiar. Take Saturday night’s opening night program. It read like a Mendelssohn greatest hits parade ... Rose and the orchestra paid close attention to the details of the score, which resulted in a reading that was both forceful and, texturally, remarkably clear."

— Jonathan Blumhofer, Arts Fuse, July 16, 2014


"Rose and the orchestra performed it with enormous drama and passion ..."

— Rodney Lister, Sequenza 21 on Irving Fine’s Symphony, May 17, 2014


"The orchestra, under artistic director Gil Rose, played with an assurance that is both familiar and still astonishing."

— David Weininger, The Boston Globe, January 20, 2014


"Conductor Gil Rose drew a consistently passionate and luminous sound from his orchestra … I was impressed once again by his versatility."

— The Hub Review, November 24, 2013


"Rose seemed highly engaged, and pursued clarity and precision to excellent effect … Rose and the orchestra dug into the sheer physicality of this music."

— Vance Koven, The Boston Musical Intelligencer, February 18, 2013


"Rose conducted the orchestra with real feeling, driving it propulsively and bringing out all the color of its tightly woven sonic tapestry."

— David Bonetti, Berkshire Fine Arts, November 18, 2012


"Rose and the orchestra pumped those colors up to almost overwhelming affect – a wall of brawny, gleaming sound."

— Matthew Guerrieri, Musical America, November 13, 2012


"Its glorious score, laced with startlingly complex counterpoint and icy-clear vocal styling, made it a perfect vehicle for the no-challenge-too-great BMOP and its inimitable leader."

— Keith Powers, Boston Classical Review, November 11, 2012


"Rose’s handling of brass is often breathtaking."

— Matt Temple, Stylus, May 31, 2012


"Rose next led one of the best live performances I’ve ever heard of one of the 20th century’s most sublime ballet scores."

— Lloyd Schwartz, The Boston Phoenix, May 30, 2012


"BMOP’s artistic director Gil Rose deftly conducted the eclectic program with his customary avant-garde calm."

— Harlow Robinson, The Boston Globe, January 30, 2012


"The BMOP players and Mr. Rose were with him every step of the way, energetically articulating the score’s kaleidoscopic colors … [they] again procured ideal accompanists, enunciating the score’s architecture with clarity and purpose … they are one of the city’s – and the nation’s – most important musical treasures."

— Jonathan Blumhofer, The Arts Fuse, January 29, 2012


"Rose maintained a strong intensity throughout the work and under his attentive direction, the musicians delivered a remarkably moving performance."

— Keith Powers, Boston Classical Review, November 21, 2011


"BMOP's performance left the audience in a stunned silence that broke into violent applause."

-Sudeep Agarwala, The Tech, March 19, 2010


“Gil Rose is a wonderful conductor, and amazes everybody around this city with his undertakings with this ensemble and also with Opera Boston, which he directs.”

-Charles Warren, The Berkshire Review for the Arts, March 30, 2009


“Artistic Director Gil Rose, presented with Columbia University’s Alice M. Ditson Conductor’s Award prior to the concert, led notably crisp, articulate performances; the ensemble’s lean clarity ideally matched each divergent course.”
-Matthew Guerrieri, The Boston Globe, January 29, 2008


“BMOP, under Gil Rose, gave the kind of vital, secure performances we have come almost to take for granted. May the remain glorious and subversive for years to come.”

-David Weininger, The Boston Globe, November 6, 2007


“BMOP’s performances draw the city’s youngest concert crowds by far, with their combination of Rose’s savvy programming, the orchestra’s incisive and stylish playing, and a general vibe that somehow weds a breezy coolness with a healthy dose of chaos.”

-Jeremy Eichler, The Boston Globe, October 28, 2007


"...sculpted with conductor Gil Rose’s characteristic verve and clarity."

— Kevin Lowenthal, The Boston Globe, November 7, 2006


"The audience went wild for the soloist, the band, the piece, the composer, and BMOP’s animator, the versatile, unobtrusive, and expert Rose."

— Richard Dyer, The Boston Globe, May 29, 2006


"Rose displayed a keen understanding of how to pace the large work."

— Andrew Druckenbrod, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, January 30, 2006


"When the music finally stopped, the audience brought Gil Rose out for three curtain calls - deservedly so."

— Galen Brown, Sequenza 21, February 20, 2005


"Throughout, Rose and the orchestra nailed every detail, in every style. BMOP's opening concert set a high bar for all contemporary-music events this season."

— Lloyd Schwartz, The Boston Phoenix, October 7, 2004


"The Boston Symphony Chamber Players, led by conductor Gil Rose, delivered a positively glowing rendition of Wagner's 

"Siegfried Idyll."

— Ted Medrek, The Boston Herald, August 4, 2004


"BMOP founder and artistic director Gil Rose has a genius for programming … all the performances were first-rate, and Rose leads every piece as if it were his favorite."

— Richard Dyer, The Boston Globe, May 26, 2004


"Gil Rose led his excellent ensemble with unmistakable skill, featuring a meticulous ear for balance and detail."

— David Clearly, New Music Connoisseur, May 24, 2004


"BMOP Music Director Gil Rose - who in less than a decade here has become one of the most important musicians in this city - led his marvelous orchestra..."

— Ted Medrek, The Boston Herald, May 23, 2004


"Gil Rose never met a score he couldn't tame."

— Keith Powers, The Boston Herald, January 18, 2004


"If there were a classical music man of the month, November would surely belong to conductor Gil Rose. Indeed, sometimes it’s hard to imagine how Boston music existed before Rose arrived in town."

— T.J. Medrek, The Boston Herald, November 14, 2003


"Gil Rose and his BMOP forces gave it their everything — a detailed, rich, ravishing performance."

— Richard Buell, The Boston Globe, October 6, 2003


"…handsomely played by the Boston Modern Orchestra Project under Gil Rose, a hero of the evening."

— Richard Dyer, The Boston Globe, April 28, 2003


"This listener will sit in a room any time with Gil Rose conducting."

— Keith Powers, The Boston Herald, December 1, 2002


"Artistic Director Gil Rose puts together programs with punch, and he and his ensemble have whacked 20 years off the average age of the usual concert audience."

— Richard Dyer, The Boston Globe, October 15, 2002


"All performed flawlessly. And much of the credit for that must surely go to Gil Rose himself — the tall, graceful, soothingly assured figure standing amidst the mayhem, his alchemist's wonder and delight at the transcendent effect of the music's manifold ingredients very much apparent. The fact that such feelings were also rife amongst the audience was unequivocally attested to by the gasps that accompanied the finales of each of the four pieces performed."

— Paul Jump, Arts Editor, March 2002


"New music often makes concert-goers run for the emergency exits. But in the hands of experts like Gil Rose and his Boston Modern Orchestra Project, new work is as comforting as a snug blanket in the winter. The full house at Jordan Hall this snowy Saturday evening enjoyed this expertise in a startling program of recent compositions."

— Keith Powers, The Boston Herald, January 21, 2002


"Rose's BMOP concert during the convention of the American Symphony Orchestra League last May blew the socks off the jaded delegates."

— Richard Dyer, The Boston Globe, October 6, 2000


"The concert by Gil Rose and the Boston Modern Orchestra Project on Saturday morning was sensational; a member of a panel afterward said it may have been the best single concert he had ever heard."

— Richard Dyer, The Boston Globe, June 23, 2000


"Mr. Rose and his team filled the music with rich, decisive ensemble colors and magnificent solos. In scores whose dominant expressive position is one of rapture, these musicians were rapturous."

— Paul Griffiths, The New York Times, March 30, 2000


"Music director Gil Rose is some kind of genius; his concerts are wildly entertaining, intellectually rigorous, and meaningful. He combines a fanatical attention to detail with a hang-loose insouciance that sets the tone for the entire orchestra. With him and the band, music is a liberated living thing, dancing off the page and outside the box."

— Susan Larson, The Boston Globe, October 11, 1999


"Rose, an incisive and forthright conductor."

— Donald Rosenberg, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, April 21, 1999


"Gil Rose comes up with the most interesting programs in town, hires the snazziest musicians to play them and conducts knock-out performances... Rose led a chamber-sized band in an iridescent performance... Rose kept our feet to the fire throughout this clenched and questioning work, and the orchestra's playing was simply electrifying."

— Susan Larson, The Boston Globe, February 14, 1998


"You're not likely to find local concert programs more unusual, more challenging and more satisfying than those of the Boston Modern Orchestra Project and its music director, Gil Rose."

— Ted Medrek, The TAB, February 14, 1998


"The performance directed by Gil Rose was outstanding... directed with sureness of purpose and delight in the wonder of things."

— Richard Dyer, The Boston Globe, May 19, 1997


" director Gil Rose, a no-nonsense conductor who eschews conductorial choreography in favor of plain competence. He knows the music cold, and never turns his attention from the orchestra. The orchestra, in turn, plays extremely well."

— Michael Manning, The Boston Globe, November 5, 1996


 "...a gifted music director, Gil Rose. In an ambitious evening Thursday, he proved that his music-making is as lively as his programming ideas."

— Ellen Pfeifer, The Boston Herald, April 12, 1996