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NY TIMES FEATURE: Scrappy and Invaluable, a Unique Music Ensemble Returns

BOSTON — It has been a theme of this troubled time: If the pandemic has ruined your big birthday party, simply celebrate a year (or two) later. The Boston Modern Orchestra Project — BMOP, universally — turned 25 last April. But this unique, invaluable ensemble, which under its founding conductor Gil Rose offers performances and crucial recordings of contemporary scores and long-ignored, often American music from the past 100 years, only got the chance to make merry earlier on Friday, with a sprawling free concert here at Symphony Hall.

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A decadent 25th birthday for the Boston Modern Orchestra Project

Our world has never been louder. The screeches and honks of traffic, the deafening roars of jet turbines and rapid-fire staccato of jackhammers, and our headphones and speakers turned up to maximum volume to block it all out: in every area of life, there is an unprecedented variety of loud noises. In other words, there’s a lot of competition for the not-so-humble pipe organ, which before the Industrial Revolution held the twofold titles of humanity’s most complex machine and the loudest sound many Europeans could expect to hear within their lifetimes.

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